Double Baskets= Double-Sales-Double-Servings-Double-Speed-Double-Profits!

Fastest, Serving Speed Anywhere! Prepare Several Orders All At The Same Time!

French Fries, Burgers & Wings Ready In Four Minutes!  Leasing Is Available!

Five Year Warranty Is Available With Our Free "Just Plug It In" Training Program! 

Greaseless Fryer-Oil Less-Ventless-Hoodless-Hot-Air-Fryer-Greaseless Fryer

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You Can Lease To-Own Your Fry Wizard System!

Start Serving Food Right Away With A Full
Menu Of Fried, Grilled, Flame Broiled Or Baked
High Demand Food Items! The Fry Wizard System Offers
A Proven Simple To Use Method With Over 7,000 Sold

ANG Products, Inc. Fry Wizard Div. 
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Contact Tony Wilson Gen. Mgr. All Divisions
Toll Free: 1-877-208-6663 (United States Only!)
Regular Number 1-203-269-2799

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NOTICE (3 Parts Below)
Be Sure You Understand And Accept The Terms Listed Below Before Ordering
We Have Great Pride In Our Products And Everything We Sell Is New Only!
** Please Note; Because of our fancy name "Greaseless Fryer" Some licensing authorities
may assume our Cooking system is different than what it really is, meaning they may think
we fry with oil and could assume you need special venting of some sort. Some States may
have specific regulations we are not familiar with! Please be advised that the licensing and
permission to use this equipment in various areas is the sole responsibility of the purchaser!
The statement no hood needed is a statement made because to our knowledge we have never
had a licensing authority demand the use of a type1 or type 2 hood or a fire suppression system
for one of our systems! Each Cooking System Program is built as a special manufactured item,
therefore orders are not cancelable and the material is not returnable or exchangeable for any
reason! To avoid complications please be sure to check with your local licensing authorities for
specific permission to use your Greaseless Fryer System before placing your order! If you request
 we will help you through Health department, Fire Marshal, Building Inspectors and private Mall's
questions to help eliminate any confusion! Be sure you have clearance before you place your order!
French fries
Notice pertaining to French Fries; There are many variances involved in producing great tasting
 French Fries! Some examples are the manufacturer, the food supplier you wish to use, the
  refrigerator and  freezer temperatures, the thickness, weight, style and type of fry being used,
the manufacturer's process, type of oil being used on the fries, the quantity of fries placed in
 the baskets and the cooking temperature being used! Because there are so many variables
involved it is impossible to make guarantees of output!  When using the fries we recommend
we can be sure of the highest quality French fries!  Please be advised that the final output
can only be determined by the end user dependent upon the multiple variables discussed!
 Using two Fry Wizard Systems only needs to be considered in extreme usage applications
such as, where multiple oil fryers would have been required!

Food Suppliers and Sources
Their are many food suppliers that carry the highest quality fully cooked frozen food items! Here are
several that we have experienced in the past years that carry ample inventories of popular items that
other Fry Wizard System owners have used Sysco, US foodservice, Sam's Clubs, Restaurant Depot,
Gordon (GFS), BJ’s, Costco, Wal-Mart, Vistar, Cash & Carry! NOTE: It is the purchaser's responsibility to
check their area before placing an order to be sure they have a food supplier that can supply the proper
food items that qualify to meet our program requirements and expectations explained and reviewed! 

Greaseless fryer two baskets offer Double Profits Highest Output at the lowest price!

Air Fryer-Greaseless-Fryer-Express is a oil-less, ventless, Commercial Air fryer!

Two baskets offer Double Profits, The Highest Order Output at the lowest price!
Electric Fryer For Greaseless French Fries! A No Oil fryer! Oil Less Fryer! Oil Free Fryer!
Greaseless Fryer Fry Wizard Is America's Number One Choice!
Hot Air Commercial Fryer Greaseless Fryer! Earns over $20,000 a year, just 11 Minutes a Day,
A Greaseless, Ventless, Hoodless, countertop, Air fryer!  Highest Output lowest price!
A Greaseless fryer two baskets Double Profits! Ventless oilless, Greaseless Fryer!
FryWizard's two baskets double profits! Oil Free Frying! Ventless, greaseless Hot Air fryer.
Quick, Fast greaseless Frying, Ventless fryer serves Crispy, Fresh French Fries!

The Greaseless Fryer Express Is a Two Basket Multi Order Hot Air Fryer that is easy to clean,
and quick to serve multiple food orders simultaneously! A Commercial Deep Grease air Fryer!
No Oil Greaseless Fryer, Quick to serve greaseless french fries! Fry Wizard Greaseless Fryer,
Greaseless Fryer is a Complete Mini kitchen! Quick easy cleaning. high output ventless fryers!
America's first choice, Countertop Electric Fryer, Electric Fryer Greaseless! A Greaseless fryer
America's first choice... Space age technology, No Hood No Vent!  Healthier Greaseless countertop fryer.
The Perfect French Fry. Greaseless fryer Fry Wizard - highest output lowest price. Greaseless Air Fryer.
Quick greaseless servings. No Grease Trap Needed!

The materials posted on this greaseless, oil-less, ventless, hot air website are for personal and commercial use!
Republication, retransmission or reproduction of any images is strictly prohibited.

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(203) 269-2799

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Thursday: 8AM to 9PM
Friday - Sunday: 8AM to 7PM

The only oil less Hot Air Fryer that can prepare multiple orders fast by actually cooking them all at the same time! It’s so easy, just open the Fry Wizard door and the high speed blower shuts off, then just add the next order into either basket, tap the multi function timer’s next button and watch it cook like a food production line! All other oil or oil free cooking equipment sold today can only prepare one item of one order at a time correctly! Four orders could take up to thirty minutes to prepare! No one wants to wait 30 minutes to receive his or her food order! Proof that slow one item at a time equipment puts people out of business is the reason there are so many used, failed greaseless fryers on the Web! Got a question about any equipment---Call for comparison details on any equipment versus a Fry Wizard It's Free! (877) 208-6663.


Greaseless Fryer Fry Wizard is America's Number One Choice!
The Best Design, Best Warranty, Highest Output and Lowest Energy Use,
Call And Learn About Higher Values And Higher Profits!

Toll Free 1-877-208-6663

No Grease Frying With The Fry Wizard System,  Healthier Tastier Food Items Attract More Customers!
Greaseless Fryer Fry Wizard is a high speed gourmet high profit food serving system! The Fry Wizard
Greaseless fryer eliminates hood and vent applications. Today many venting hoods are either to
expensive or not practical. A Fry Wizard System completely eliminates expensive smelly and
dangerous hot frying oil, cross tastes of foods and  limitations to your menu.

Put various food items in the fry baskets at the same time and don't worry about Cross tastes! The
Electronic Timer supplied allows tracking with multiple different time settings for preparing
multiple different orders or items all processed at the same time in the Impingmet designed Fry Baskets!

This no-oil fryer produces the freshest greatest  tasting  servings every time because there is no oil involved
to contaminate and destroy the taste of other foods! Using our dual basket system allows the ability to quickly
cook up twice as much volume as those "Old Styled, One Basket, Just One Order At A Time Energy
Burners" that we see used failed and "Discarded" on the web everyday!

Electric Energy Costs Have Hurt Many Businesses Seriously!  Fry Wizards low energy usage saves thousands of dollars! Your Electric Company charges you by how many Kilo-Watts (KW) per hour you use! Please note that Voltage has nothing to do with the amount you are charged on your electric bill! Before you buy any appliance find out what the (Watts) usage rating is or you may wind up paying your Electric Company more money on an order of French fries than the profit you can earn on that order! A Fry Wizard operates on only 1,440 Watts! It operates for less than the cost of operating a hair dryer! Plug it in to a regular household type 110-120 volt electrical outlet and start making money! 240 Volt Old outdated Fryer units use 5,760 Watts Four times as much as a Fry Wizard and can cost over two thousand dollars a year to operate! Let's not forget they are slow-producing-one basket-just one order at a time units! Those energy burners are all around the web a lot of people lost a lot of money with them! If anyone ever tells you that you need 220-240 volts for efficiency or for any other reason, either they are purposely misleading you or they don't know what they're talking about! Would you really buy something from them? Don't deal with double-talkers deal with facts!

The Fry Wizard System's Baskets The Fry Wizard™ Basket (Patent pending) does double the work of just any regular fry basket! Each Fry Basket is scientifically engineered with precision spaced air slots (One thousandth of one inch) that actually increase the air speed (Impingment Venturi effect) as the air enters the basket's precision slots the heated air is accelerated and it quickly and completely surrounds the food in the basket sealing in it's freshness! The ultimate achievement is prize winning gourmet perfection of food items that are fresh tasting, crisp, have great coloring, and are cooked evenly all over! No dried out foods like those low volume convection units out there!

A Sta-Cool Removable Basket Handle is supplied with every Fry Wizard System! This handle eliminates the need for cumbersome on and off and on and off all day oven gloves!

Serving Speed  Produce lots of great tasting fries per hour at rush times if needed using our batch prep system, Serve 20 hot dogs in 2 minutes, that's faster than you can even open the hot dog rolls. Serve eight egg and cheese sandwiches in 1 minute, serve 12 hamburgers or cheeseburgers in 4 minutes or as many as you need. With The Fry Wizard you become the Chef!  We'll show you how it's done!

Products: You can bake, roast, fry and grill hundreds of food items to perfection without an expensive venting or fire suppression system. There aren't any food items we know of that cannot be served using a Fry Wizard™ System! Please don't overlook the fact that every food order sold also Increases sales and profits of your Beverage items!

Places For High Profit Opportunities  The Fry Wizard™ can go anywhere- the Bar, the Pool, the Sandwich shop, the Airport, the Convenience Store, the Carnival, the Ice Cream store, the Hot Dog truck, the Family Fun Center, Skating Rinks, Executive Suites, Ships Kitchens, oops those are called galleys, the Country Club, the Elks, Moose, VFW, Eagles, the miniature golf range, the Driving Range, the Coffee Shop, Amusement Centers, Pool Parlors, Bingo Halls and hundreds of other locations! Special discount prices are available for new start up businesses and other special groups like Little leagues! Little Leagues love the ease, the speed, the training, the discounts and the profits! Fry Wizard Systems are every Little Leagues Favorite choice!

Simple To Maintain  The Fry Wizard offers the easiest procedures for cleaning available. No complicated parts to remove and no hard to get at corners.  No sharp dangerous edges to get cut on! No dangerous hard to handle powdered chemicals are used! Clean-up in minutes not hours!  Best of all - Our Full E-Z to use Cleaning Kit is included Free with each Fry Wizard System!

Where To Get The Best Tasting Food Items We don't sell the food, we explain to you what the most popular, most profitable  choices are, where to get them, how to serve them and how to make money with them!  We explain everything!

Lower Fat- Perfect French fries:  You can produce the Best Tasting French fries anywhere! Yes, using the same French fries that are part of our rebate offer will allow you to produce and serve French fries that your customers will rave about.  Rather than putting the fries in frying oil, The Fry Wizard takes advantage of the oil already on the fries and creates not only the best Tasting fry (Better than the big guys,) but healthier with less fat!  Your customers will keep coming back for "THE PERFECT FRENCH FRY"

High Profits & Happy Customers With French-fries:  Profits on French fries are extremely high and range in the 1,000% + profit area.  Here are some examples of the annual profits available from high profit Gourmet Quality French fries!

Just Sell These Amounts Of Fries Each Day Annual Profits
Sell Just (15) orders of fries a day & earn  $  9,555.00 
Sell Just (25) orders of fries a day & earn $ 15,925.00
Sell Just (50) orders of fries a day & earn $ 31,850.00


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The Fry Wizard™ is a Div. Of ANG Products Inc.
7-A Marshall St. Wallingford, CT 06492

Take Advantage Of Our Proud Twenty Eight Years Of Business Success And Knowledge!

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For pricing, discounts and special offers please complete the following form and click Submit! Any information you submit to The Fry Wizard is kept confidential! Unlike others we respect your privacy! We will not give out or sell your personal information to anyone! We understand you do not want to be continuously pestered with bothersome phone calls! We also do not pay customers to speak well of our products as we have learned some others may be doing! Our customers love their Fry Wizard systems! We will reply to you as soon as possible regarding your request!

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